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Derived from the Saffron Crocus, some believe that the name Saffron comes from the Arabic word for yellow, while others say it is a form of the Persian word, "having golden stigmas". By weight it is the most expensive spice, and cooking with it brings a wonderful golden yellow color and special flavor. It is used as a basic ingredient in bouillabaisse and paella and is also used as a textile dye. Now it is possible to get quality Saffron wholesale from East African Spices.

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Saffron is used in a wide variety of cooking dishes, and some have said it is hay-like and sweet. Used in Persian, or Iranian, Arab, Spanish, Central Asian, European, Pakistani and Indian dishes, it imparts a golden yellow color. Paella, a Spanish specialty, uses Saffron as one of the main ingredients, and East African Spices grows their unique Saffron in Spain. Due to the Mediterranean climate, Spain is ideal for the cultivation of this spice. Government-imposed standards regulate Saffron in this country, and the Spanish varieties are usually somewhat more mellow in flavor and in color. Spain is one of the largest producers of Saffron in the world.

The Difficulty of Collecting and Processing Saffron

The Saffron crocus, from which the spice is collected, is a fall flowering plant, and a member of the Iris family. Native to Asia Minor, saffron has been cultivated for as far back as 1500 B.C. and has even been mentioned in the bible. It is costly and difficult to collect because each purple crocus only produces three stigma.They are then allowed to dry and ferment, after being picked by hand from the blossoms. Because it takes approximately 14,000 stigmas to produce an ounce of the saffron threads, the cost of these threads soars to about $50 for a quarter ounce. The process of picking and drying is labor intensive; when done, the bright red threads are ready to be used to instill a distinctive flavor in many dishes.

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