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Growing The Best Quality Cocoa Beans

East African Spices specializes in growing the best quality cocoa beans available for wholesale. Grown on our company farm in Africa, our cocoa trees are farmed in the unique African climate and in nutrient-rich soil that helps to produce some of the finest quality coco beans available for sale in the U.S. and abroad. Our cocoa beans are sifted and sort to reveal only the best quality beans available and stored to ensure our clients receive the freshest cocoa bean product possible. We provide quality coco beans wholesale and can also fulfill your large cocoa bulk order as well.

How is Chocolate Made?

Chocolate first emerged in South America but did not originally resemble the chocolate that we’ve come to know and love today. The earliest known varieties of chocolate were developed by the Mayans and were used as a ceremonial beverage that was only consumed during special occasions and celebrations. By the 16th century, the cocoa bean – the raw product from which modern day chocolate has evolved – had been introduced in France and other European countries. 

The best quality chocolate products begin with a high quality coco bean. Before coco beans are sold, they must first go through a sorting and inspection process. During the sorting process, beans are examined for consistent color, size and shapes. This process also removes foreign debris, such as sticks and leaves, from the harvest ensuring the batch only consists of high quality cocoa bean product. Once the beans have been sorted, they are ready to be roasted and weighed. Generally, cocoa beans are roasted for roughly two to three hours in a large oven set between 200-230 F. The longer the bean is roasted the stronger the flavor. Many cocoa bean producers will experiment with the time and temperature of this roasting process to adjust the flavor and texture of their beans.

After roasting, the shells are cracked and a new product emerges from the shell – bits of roasted bean called a cocoa nibs. These cocoa nib bi-products are used to produce both a coco powder mixture and cocoa liquor. Coco powder is familiar to most of us who have used this ingredient to make homemade hot chocolate or chocolate cake. The coco liqueur, on the other hand, is press to produce coco butter, which is used to produce chocolate. The finest quality chocolates combine chocolate liqueur with the extracted coco butter to produce a chocolate that has a silky smooth texture and delicious taste.

Discounts for Bulk Orders

If you are looking to obtain quality coco beans wholesale or need to make a cocoa bulk order online, East African Spices should be your first stop. In order to continue to provide our customers with the best quality spice products at competitive prices, East African Spices offers special discounts for bulk orders purchased online or by phone.